The College of Lactation Consultants Victoria (CLC-VIC) is a professional body supporting and encouraging awareness and lactation education for Lactation Consultants and health professionals. Throughout my 12 year relationship with the College spanning the creation of three websites and extensive consultation with the Committee, we planned specialised Google maps, a membership section, frequent updates and edits and many other items to add relevance, authority and depth to the organisation’s online presence.


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Lactation Consultants needed to advertise their services in multiple regions and CLC-VIC wanted the public to access Consultants and Link Groups by location, so the information would be quicker to find. Rather than having customers scroll through several pages of text, we incorporated Google map functionality into the site using coloured regional boundaries, allowing excellent visuals and directions for the public for a faster, user centered experience. Upon clicking on a region and viewing the Consultants, only the relevant information was displayed.


© Suzanne Day 2012 / CLC-VIC / Consultants in Google Maps


© Suzanne Day 2012 / CLC-VIC / Consultants in Google Maps

The same technique was also used to help the public find LC Link Group meeting times/venues with customised markers, filtering search through visual location.


© Suzanne Day 2012 / CLC-VIC / Link Groups in Google Maps

The design of a an eye catching digital illustration as a website banner offered individuality and personality to the College and it was used on all subsequent websites as there was great positive feedback from the public on the creative look. Completed in six hours of photo montaging in Photoshop, the banner was made up of scanned, sourced and digitally manipulated imagery to create a desktop scenario depicting a potential customer’s new lifestyle after birth.


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A second banner was designed portraying the professional aspect of the College and guiding customers to the Consultants page where they could filter results through the Google maps.


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Originally, CLC-VIC was a member of the Network of Australian Lactation Colleges (NALC) which I also designed the website for in 2006. CLC-VIC then branched out with their own website in 2008, upgrading it to a Joomla CMS with improved graphics in 2010 and incorporating a registered (restricted) paid Member’s Section containing newsletters, PDFs, conference information and industry updates. During this time, I redrew the logo for CLC-VIC, adding it to a calming blue banner to offset the bright red identity.


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Every year, CLC-VIC held an Annual Conference, which required a Registration Form, the provision of a Conference Programme and payment details provided to members upon registration. Between Conferences, a gallery of photos of previous Conferences needed to be displayed. Using a Flash program, I created the gallery as well as the forms, Programme and payment details pathway via a custom form built in Dreamweaver.

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