This poster was designed for Pacprint’s 2013 Poster Competition and was a finalist in the Top 10 chosen from the PacPrint judging panel. The theme was “Think Print” and the brief was to create a poster that “caught the eye” of the judges and Facebook community. Finalists received 100 copies of their poster on A3 card (thank you to Robert Peterson and the helpful staff at Currie). This poster came 4th in the competition and was the Marketing Manager’s choice. The entry was also published on the cover of Media Super’s Insider Newsletter, Summer 2015, distributed to 110,000+ members.


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© Suzanne Day 2013 / Pacprint Poster


© Suzanne Day 2013 / Pacprint Poster


© Suzanne Day 2013 / Pacprint Poster


© Suzanne Day 2013 / Pacprint Poster


© Suzanne Day 2013 / Poster Competition Finalists / Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


© PacPrint 2013 / Winning Entries / PacPrint Facebook

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